Management of Cervicogenic Headaches

Step 4: Recovery and Next Steps

Step 4a: Is the patient recovered?

Reassess the patient at every visit to determine if additional care is necessary, or if the condition is worsening.

Discharge patient as soon as they report significant improvement in recovery. Use the self-rated recovery question to measure recovery:

"How well do you feel you are recovering from your injuries?"

Step 4b: Referrals and Collaborations

Incomplete Recovery:

  • Patients who have not significantly improved or recovered should be referred to the physician for further evaluation.


Major symptom change (new or worsening physical, mental or psychological symptoms):

  • Patients with worsening of symptoms and those who develop new physical, mental or psychological symptoms (other than shoulder pain with calcific tendinitis) should be referred to a physician for further evaluation at any time point during their care.